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Solar Circle Pictures was created to develop and produce feature films in the UK and US.

Based in London and New York, Solar Circle was formed as an independent film company by film director Jon Dennis and co-founder Chris Coffey in the Spring of 2018.

New York's Solar office is run by Producers, Erin Gillette and Lee Scharfstein.

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In Development


Solar are delighted to announce our first project '8 Days With Hopper', to be Directed by Jon Dennis and Exec Produced by Hollywood legend Lawrence Schiller.

The feature film will be based on the incendiary story of the eight day marriage between America's sweetheart Michelle Phillips and Hollywood's ultimate hellraiser, Dennis Hopper.




Solar are delighted to announce that New York based screenwriter, Oritte Bendory, has signed as the Screenwriter for EIGHT DAYS WITH HOPPER. Her most recent work the sci-fi short story, “Carecrow: Her Better Self” was acquired by Amblin Entertainment and is being fast-tracked for production in 2019.  She is excited to join the team at Solar Circle Pictures as Screenwriter and help bring EIGHT DAYS to life. 



Emmy winner Lawrance Schiller, a noted American film director, producer and writer,  joins forces with Solar to Exec Produce our debut movie ‘8 Days With Hopper’. Larry has worked with the likes of  Paul Newman,  Tommy Lee Jones, William Hurt and Dennis Hopper in an amazing career so far. Larry directed  the Hopper film 'American Dreamer' in 1971 and the extended montage stills sequence in the Oscar laden 'Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid'.

His understanding of the story and his personal friendship with Hopper makes him the perfect Exec Producer for this project.


LONDON office

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Award winning director Jon Dennis, formed Solar Circle Pictures with the aim to produce and direct not only his own projects but to develop scripts with people who fit with the independent 'Solar' spirit. His aim is to work with the best talent out there.

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Chris Coffey is the MD of Solar Circle Pictures and longtime friend of Jon Dennis.  He has been involved and run companies in various business sectors including logistics, agency personnel and the recording industry.


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Lee Scharfstein is a longtime Producer and collaborator of Jon Dennis’ and is Solar’s Head of Development in our New York office. He has vast experience in film and television production, working on films such as Boiler Room and Interview With A Vampire.

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Erin Gillette is our lead Producer in New York, her list of television, commercial work and film credits are many, including Tom Hardy’s Warrior and Russell Crowe’s The Next 3 Days.





26 D'Arblay Street, Soho

London, W1F 8EL



1732 1st Avenue #217

New York, NY 10128

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